Our TH grades of PVC have excellent properties that make them suitable in applications requiring either rigid or flexible films.

Grades Degree of
K.Value Volatile Matter
Apparent Density
TH-640 560−660 54.3−57.7 ≤0.5 0.60−0.70 Rigid plates, Extruded sheets, Draw films, Blowbottles, Calendering, Injection molding
TH-700 650−770 57.3−60.8 ≤0.5 0.54−0.64
TH-800 760−860 60.5−63.0 ≤0.5 0.56−0.62
980−1080 65.7−67.7 ≤0.3 0.51−0.61 Pipes, Corrugated sheets, Window frames
980−1080 65.7−67.7 ≤0.3 0.49−0.59 Flexible films, Food films, Hosepipes, Wires and Cables,Tape
TH-1300 1270−1370 71.0−72.6 ≤0.3 0.46−0.56 Agricultural films, General flexible films, Sheets, Artificial leathers, Wires and Cables, Food films, Hosepipes, Tape
TH-1400 1360−1460 72.4−73.9 ≤0.3 0.43−0.53

Special features

  1. Excellent dry flow characteristics
    The strong miscibility of the plasticizer and the liquid stabilizer and the extremely fast rate of plasticizer absorption make dry blending easy.
  2. Superb prevention of fish-eye
    The absence of fish-eye makes our TH PVC most suitable for films or sheets.

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